• Organising Committee

  • Local Organising and Scientific Committee

    Uzma Hasan*, CIRI

    Julien Marie*, CRCL
    • Pierre Chaumont, CRCL
    • Marlène Dreux, CIRI
    • Yenkel Grinberg-Bleyer, CRCL
    • Marie-Cécile Michallet, CRCL
    • Bénédicte Py, CIRI
    • Jenny Valladeau, CRCL
    • Mélanie Wencker, CIRI

    * head of the scientific committee
    International Scientific Board
    • Alexander Rudensky*, USA (head of International Scientific Borad)
    • Andrea Ablasser, CH
    • Yanick Crow, UK
    • Boris Reizis, USA
    • Jolanda De Vries, NL
    • Adelheid Cerwenka, GER
    • Claudia Mauri, UK
    • François-Loic  Cosset, FR

    * head of the scientific committee
  • CRCL

    The Cancer Research Centre of Lyon (CRCL, UMR Inserm 1052 CNRS 5286 Centre Léon Bérard, Direction Dr. Patrick Mehlen, Deputy Pr Charles Dumontet) is a research structure created in January 2011 affiliated to the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, Inserm, CNRS and the regional Léon Bérard Cancer Centre (CLB) and has a partnership with the HCL. The CRCL’s objectives are to create a centre of excellence in tumor biology in Lyon and participate in education and training in oncology. An important asset of the CRCL is the strong links established with clinical departments from the CLB and the HCL, fostering the transfer from basic research to medical applications. Currently, the CRCL is composed of 24 teams, organized into three scientific departments, with a total of 500 staff, including 150 permanent researchers. Research at the CRCL is structured around the notions that tumorigenesis and tumor development depend on the adaptation of cancer cells to and/or their escape mechanisms from biological constraints and onco-suppressive mechanisms they are subjected to. A shared objective is the characterization and validation of innovative therapeutic targets, designed to block the plasticity and adaptability of malignant cells, in order to restore the senescence, apoptosis and immune-surveillance programs. Beyond its own research programs, the CRCL has been a stepping-stone for the development of new structures in Lyon: the DEVweCAN LabEx (Dir. Patrick Mehlen), the LYRICAN (LYon Research Innovation against CANcer, Dir. Jean-Yves Blay) and the François Rabelais Institute for multidisciplinary research on cancer. The creation of these new structures, linked to both the hospitals and the CRCL, is an important element toward the implantation of a comprehensive cancer center in Lyon.

    To find out more please visit our website : www.crcl.fr
  • CIRI

    The International Center for Infectiology Research missions are to increase our knowledge, investigate and develop therapeutic methods to fight against infectious diseases. Our objectives are met by using a multidisciplinary approach combining microbiology (bacteriology and virology), immunology, cell biology, clinical research as well as epidemiology. Moreover, we translate novel scientific or technological discoveries into translational research programs and applied research. The center was created 1st January 2013 and consists of the founding entities: Inserm, CNRS, ENS Lyon and University Claude Bernard Lyon 1. Our long-standing partners include the Pasteur Institute, the Mérieux Foundation and the Lyon Civil Hospitals (HCL), as well as a strong interface with industry. Since 2013 the center has been directed by Dr François-Loïc Cosset and his deputy Professor François Vandenesch. The center consists of over 20 teams made up of 330 researchers, faculty members, graduate students, engineers and technicians, all of who have expertise in disciplines essential for the study of infectious diseases.

    To find out more please visit our website : https://ciri.ens-lyon.fr/
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