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    Access to the Charles Mérieux Auditorium will be only allowed under current French government ruling. For up to date information please consult the website:
    As rules are changing very frequently, we will add more information closer to the time of the meeting.
  • If you have already registered and can no longer attend, please ask irci2022@insight-outside.fr for a full refund.

  • Confirmed Invited Speakers

    Ruslan Medzhitov, USA
    Yasmine Belkaid, USA
    Antonio Bertoletti, Singapore

    Ido Amit, Israel
    Esteban Ballestar, Spain

    Antonio Bertoletti, Singapore
    Menna Clatworthy, UK
    Julie Dechanet-Merville, France

    Sandra Diebold, UK
    Thomas Gajewski, USA
    Nelson Gekara, Sweden
    Adrian Hayday, UK
    Ping-Chih Ho, Switzerland
    Jonathan Kagan, USA
    Mansun Law, USA
    Mala Maini, UK
    Federica Marelli-Berg, UK
    Anne Puel, France
    Jonathan Schertzer, USA
    Giorgio Trinchieri, USA
    John Wherry, USA

    Thematic sessions
    Innate Immunity
    Endorsed by InnaSco


    Immunotherapy and clinics


    Genetics and Epigenetics

    Infections and immune responses
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    Immune Responses In Cancer and Infection
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