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    Access to the Charles Mérieux Auditorium will be only allowed under current French government ruling. For up to date information please consult the website:
    As rules are changing very frequently, we will add more information closer to the time of the meeting.

  • Confirmed Invited Speakers

    Ruslan Medzhitov, USA
    Yasmine Belkaid, USA
    Antonio Bertoletti, Singapore

    Ido Amit, Israel
    Esteban Ballestar, Spain

    Julie Dechanet-Merville, France
    Sandra Diebold, UK
    Thomas Gajewski, USA
    Nelson Gekara, Sweden
    Adrian Hayday, UK
    Ping-Chih Ho, Switzerland
    Jonathan Kagan, USA
    Mansun Law, USA
    Mala Maini, UK
    Federica Marelli-Berg, UK
    Anne Puel, France
    Jonathan Schertzer, USA
    Giorgio Trinchieri, USA
    John Wherry, USA

    Thematic sessions
    Innate Immunity
    Endorsed by InnaSco


    Immunotherapy and clinics
    Endorsed by Arc

    Endorsed by Maat Pharma

    Genetics and Epigenetics

    Infections and immune responses
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